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Oct 31, 2014
Detroit 45.2˚F 3-day Forecast


B Level Horror Movie or Heavy Metal Album?

Click here to listen as Cal and Company play B Level Horror Movie or Heavy Metal Album with the Warriors as they try to win concert tickets.


Click here to listen to Cal and Company discuss Astrology and see if their signs and horoscopes are accurate.

Brewmaster Challenge

Click here to listen to Cal and Rusty face off against each other in a beer mash up contest.

Cal and Company Do Yoga

Click here to hear how poorly we did Yoga.

National Anthem

Click here to hear ultimate Nation Anthem fails... Cal's is a must hear

I Got A Problem

Click here to hear how his high school bully wants the job at his company,  but can he can't get past what happened?  The Boss wants to know if he is in the wrong. 

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear us rate your dirty little secrets...can you really trust overly religious people?

Hard Nipples

Click here to hears us debate what's hot or not...and why is Rusty so jealous of Jon Hamm

Is it White Trash?

Click here to hear what is or is not white trash...and Sarah Jean does something disgusting with her dog

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