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Jul 23, 2014
Detroit 68.2˚F 3-day Forecast


Cal & Co Podcast for July 23rd

Listen as Cal and Co talk about the police academy, Jay Z and Beyonce divorce, The Energizer, women can climax while working out, the sky is leaking, what do you think you can get better at when you're drunk, riding an animal to work, is this white trash, proposing in public, and women love the ring!!! Click here for the podcast

We are so getting these!

Detroit Treads are sandals made from recycled tires that were illegally discarded in the streets of Detroit. Sandals also feature a custom designed  "D" on the bottom.  Chose from red, blue, or black straps.

Cal & Co Podcast for July 22nd

Listen as Cal and Company talk about sniffing panties, Kanye can't act, restarting your life after a break up, why would you steal seafood, unsexiest thing you ever did, 3 day work week, why women, banging your boyfriend's brother, ladies love Rusty's wedding ring and Orange is the new black clothing trend. Click here for podcast

Semi Pro

Here is a pic of Kanye West's terrible audition to be in Will Ferrell's "Semi Pro". Cool wig??

Crazy Dog Lady Coming Up

Sarah Jean's puppy that is going to turn her into the "crazy dog lady".

Here's the first video from Rusty's wedding!

Harlem Shake at the Altar!!! Awesome!!!

Quit Being So Rude

We finally know why the dad is being so "Rude".

Rusty is Getting Married!!!

Highlights from The Worst Bachelor Party EVER!

Lucky the Leprechaun!

The whole crew with Lucky the Leprechaun! It's the World's Worst Bachelor Party!

Cal Goes to Warp Tour

Cal looks like he is going to Warped Tour...but in 1999. Getting old is hard.

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