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Sep 30, 2014
Detroit 53.0˚F 3-day Forecast


Stand by your Friend!!!

We took your calls on should this listener stand by her friend or screw over her friend...our apologies to listener Andrea, your friend is a bitch!!! Click here for the podcast

Dirty Little Secret

We rate your dirty little secrets - peeing on the seat here for the podcast

Bruce Jenner has Huge Tits

Bruce Jenner has bigger boobs than Sarah Jean. She's pissed.

Your House is Burning Down!!!

Your home is on fire and you have 20 seconds to get out...what three things do you grab??? Click here for podcast

Dirty Little Secret

We rate your dirty little secrets, it ok to pay for sex here for the podcast

Ugliest Feet

Who has the ugliest feet on the show??? From left to right - Sarah Jean, Rusty, Cal and producer Kyle....Click here for the podcast

Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret- Banging your friends brother here for the podcast

Wake Up Song

We took your calls on what song your parents would wake you up here for the podcast

This is Terrifying

Real life Leg Lamp...horrifying.

Cal & Company Battle Royal

Who would win the Cal and Company battle royal??? Click here for podcast

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