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Jul 28, 2014
Detroit 59.1˚F 3-day Forecast


Cal & Co Podcast for July 28th

Listen as Cal and Co talk about criminals shouldn't have Facebook, don't mess with Aretha Franklin, lessons learned from the weekend, best mom ever, fish will attack your nuts, name a drink after yourself, what does a man's facial hair say about him, dirty little secret, too young for kids, and is J-Lo still hot??? Click here for the podcast

The Hunger Games

Mockingjay Part 1 trailer is out! Get your Katniss braid ready!

Cal & Co Podcast for July 25th

Listen as Cal and Co talk about woman lost a sex toy in her vagina for ten years, Fifty Shades of Grey the movie, trying to get Kyle laid to forget about his ex, Cal's going to see New Edition tonight, standard of beauty, dirty little secret, swingers paradise, and dude needs more sex. Click here for podcast

Guys clearly have sex excuses too!

Here is a lady's awesome rebuttal to the man who made a spreadsheet with his wife's sex excuses.

Will you go see this??

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Cal & Co Podcast for July 24th

Listen as Cal and Co talk about deserving to get beat up if you rob a store, Britney Spears lingerie line, climax songs, am I really this fat, too fat for prison, manscaping, creepiest underwear ever, 5 Seconds of Fury, finding out who your real dad is, Kyle won't get rid of Facebook pics with his ex in them, and buried alive at the beach. Click here for the podcast

This is Creepy

Anatomically correct, but SO creepy!

Britney Spears is making a lingerie line. WHY?????

Britney Spears wants you to wear her underwear

Cal & Co Podcast for July 23rd

Listen as Cal and Co talk about the police academy, Jay Z and Beyonce divorce, The Energizer, women can climax while working out, the sky is leaking, what do you think you can get better at when you're drunk, riding an animal to work, is this white trash, proposing in public, and women love the ring!!! Click here for the podcast

We are so getting these!

Detroit Treads are sandals made from recycled tires that were illegally discarded in the streets of Detroit. Sandals also feature a custom designed  "D" on the bottom.  Chose from red, blue, or black straps.

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