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Mark McKenzie

Apr 20, 2014
Detroit 61.1˚F 3-day Forecast


Stay Classy Detroit!!!

A kid in Detroit was banned from going on a field trip. So his dad showed up at the school . . . and BIT the principal.

Noah is going to college!

Wait who put these onions in the studio?

The Florist featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme

We usually hate their commercials, but add Van Damme we are IN!


A British ice-cream maker has invented a dessert which can help with erectile dysfunction - by flavoring the batch with Viagra. It's called "Arousal."

God Bless Florida!!!

A woman walked into a grocery store in Florida on Tuesday afternoon, wearing a shirt, slippers, and NO PANTS . . . or UNDERWEAR.  Then she went to the wine aisle, picked up two boxes of boxed wine, and started walking out with them.  The manager tried to stop her, but she managed to run past him and get away.  Police are still looking for her.

A Dwarf Drives From Kansas to Florida Without a Bathroom Stop To Meet an Underage Girl .Turns Out It's a Cop

A 40-year-old DWARF in Kansas met a 14-year-old girl in Florida online on Tuesday, and she said she wanted to meet.  So he drove about 1,300 miles to meet her.  And he was in such a hurry he didn't make a single unnecessary stop, including bathroom breaks . . . he just relieved himself in the car.  But when he got to Florida, it turned out to be a police sting, and he was arrested.


So this isn't weird

A Dentist Bought John Lennon's Tooth . . . And Wants to Clone Lennon and Raise Him as His Son?

He spent $33,000 to buy one of JOHN LENNON'S teeth at an auction, and has revealed his plan for the tooth. He wants to extract the DNA . . . CLONE Lennon . . . then raise him from birth as his SON.

A Guy Cut Off His Fingers to Collect Insurance

A Guy Cut Off His Fingers to Collect Insurance . . . But Got Busted When Cops Found His Fingers, Knife, and Cutting Board. Now he's been charged with insurance fraud, and doctors weren't even able to reattach the fingers.

$100,000 Mistake

A guy named Corey Johnson had one of the top 20 brackets in Yahoo's March Madness pool.  And he even predicted UConn would beat Kentucky.  Which WOULD have won him $100,000.  But he forgot to make sure his bracket saved after he filled it out, and he didn't officially pick a WINNER.  So he gets NOTHING.

A Groom Shows Up at His Wedding Still Drunk From the Bachelor Party and Fights the Minister

A 41-year-old guy in Australia was about to get married a few months ago, and had his bachelor party the night before the wedding. But he got so drunk he showed up at the church the next day STILL DRUNK. And when the minister said he wouldn't perform the wedding for ethical reasons, the guy got in a FIGHT with him. He was arrested . . . and his fiancée dumped him.

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