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Mark McKenzie

Nov 25, 2015
Detroit 45.1˚F 3-day Forecast


Talk Dirty To Me

Click here to hear how other people talk dirty

Horrible Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Click here to hear the wrost Thanksgiving dinner side dishes

Darth Vader Tries To Rob a Store

Darth Vader tried to rob a store in Florida, but the clerk threw blue cheese dressing at him and scared him off

Cal Is Suffering From PMS

Click here to find out why the women in Cal's life are accusing him of having PMS!!!

Your Last Supper

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be??? Click here to find out what the Warriors said???

Worst Tattoo Ever!!!

Guy got a Justin Beiber tattoo for charity...but it was his idea so he's totally a DUMBASS!

How Often Should You Be Having Sex???

Click here to hear what the Warriors think about how many times a week should a married couple have sex???

Hot Chick Steals A Taxi

A hot chick stole a cab in New York, but got caught when she pulled over to puke!

Sexy Carl Thanksgiving Edition

Click here to hear Sexy Carl join the show

Gotcha Bitch - Birth Control Problems

Click here to hear Sarah Jean prank another Warrior in the latest edition of "Gotcha Bitch"

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