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Aug 29, 2015
Detroit 65.7˚F 3-day Forecast


Cal Did It Again!

Click here to listen as Cal and Company discuss Cal's creepy behavior once again.. The Warriors call in to help him with the proper etiquette when a tradesman is in your house

Too Sexy For A Street Sweeper?

Click here to listen as Cal and Company discuss whether a woman is too sexy for her job

No Tip

Listen here Cal and Company talk about a server who was left with no tip on a $100 bill... The Warriors weigh in on what should have happened

I Prevail

Click here to hear us talk with I Prevail

First Day Of School Disasters

Click here to hear the Warriors tell us their first day of school horror stories

Surprise Onside Schorlarship

Heartwarming video...even tho Cal is die hard Central Michigan Chippewa

Gotcha Bitch - Stripper

Click here to hear Rusty prank another Warrior in the latest edition of "Gotcha Bitch"

Best Running Songs

Cal and Sarah Jean are starting their training for the Detroit Marathon and need some song here to hear the songs the Warrior's suggested

Dry Humping Nicki Minaj

People are taking nasty pics with Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" wax figure!

Detroit Free Press Marathon

We're running the Detroit Free Press Marathon relay! The deadline to sign up is next Wednesday so don't wait! We want to see you on the course! Click here to sign up

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