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Sep 26, 2016
Detroit 62.5˚F 3-day Forecast


This Email BLEW our mind!!!!!!!!!!

Listen here as Cal reads and discusses an email he received about a master and his slave!!

Women aren't suppose to pee outside... Our lady warriors squash that myth real quick!!

Listen here as our warriors tell us if they've ever went to the bathroom outside

In this Gotcha Bitch Cal tells a guy about his hospital bill... and it's time to pay up BIG!!

Listen as Cal tells someone they have an outstanding hospital bill and there are a few options on how they can pay it!!

What'Cha Doin at the Courthouse!?!?!

Listen here as Jamie finds out all the reasons as to What'cha Doin at the Courthouse!?

Meet the Little Rooster... Every woman's dream!!!

Listen to hear why Jamie wouldn't mind having the Little Rooster!!

In this white Trash... HOLD UP... Gillian does what!?!?

Listen here to find out why Cal and Chris got their mind blown by something Gillian does!!!

In this Dirty Little Secret Jamie makes an offer she can't take back!!!

Listen to hear Jamie make a bold statement she probably already regrets!!

In This Gotcha Bitch Cal calls telling someone his teeth may fall out from a mistake by his dentist!

Listen here as Cal tells someone a mistake made by their dentist may make him lose all his teeth and possibly hallucinate!!

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