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Sep 03, 2014
Detroit 63.1˚F 3-day Forecast


Facetime Nudity

Would you show some nudity on Facetime??? Click here for podcast

Dirty Little Secret

We rate your dirty little secrets...Click here for the podcast

Pull Up Those Pants!!!

A Florida man is accused of exposing himself and shaking his hips while naked. Richard "Dick" Wild blames the whole situation on loose pants.

Is This The New Trend???

Forget the ice bucket challenge...the oil bucket challenge is the new challenge

Cal's Dog Passed Away

Cal's dog, Captain Jack, passed away this weekend. Give your pets an extra hug today! Click here for the podcast

Real Band or Fake Band

We play real band or fake band Warped Tour edition...Click here for podcast

What Does Your State Buy the Most on eBay?

We really like to buy software products here in Michigan

How to Cure a Hangover???

Scientists Confirm What All Of Us Already Knew: The Best Hangover Cure is to never stop drinking...soooo drink away warriors!!!

T Swift at the VMAs

Who wore it better?

Dirty Little Secret

We rate your dirty little secrets. Click here for the podcast

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