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Apr 26, 2015
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Those Judging Eyes

Click here to hear if its ok to let your dog in your room while you're having sex

Sexy Grandma!!!

Sexy Grandma in Florida arrested for DUI in a rainbow bikini! Not like a regular Grandma...

Guys...Join a Band!!!

This is Elle Evans. She's dating Muse lead singer, Matt Bellamy. Guys...this is why you should join a band.

Tim McIlrath from Rise Against

Click here to hear us talk with Tim McIlrath from Rise Against about Rock on the Range and the most nervous hes ever been

Gotcha Bitch!!!

Click here to hear the stoner edition of "Gotcha Bitch."


Drunk dad attempts his own at-home tattoos and spells his son’s name wrong.

Is It White Trash???

Click here to hear the lastest round of is it white trash...and is Cal white trash for peeing on his lawn???

Stitches is Back!!!

Click here to hear, as the hunt for Stitches continues to get him on the show...until then, here's the latest song from Stitches!!!

Your First Car

Click here to hear us take the Warrior's calls on what were their first cars???

Jurassic World

Another Jurassic World trailer!! We can't wait till June 12th!

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