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Aug 23, 2014
Detroit 68.9˚F 3-day Forecast


Dirty Little Secret

We rate your dirty little secrets. Click here for the podcast

Awesome or douchie?

Someone at a club in Vegas decided to make their V.I.P. section even MORE exclusive by ordering 400 cases of beer and building a WALL around it. It cost him about $80,000.

Would you Rather

Another round of would you rather...get your popcorn ready!!! Click here for the podcast

Taking a Break

If you get back together after a break do you have to tell your partner how many people you slept with during the break? Click here for the podcast

Animals you Hate

Which animal do you hate most? Click here for podcast

Grouper Ate a Shark

Enjoy and also be afraid of fish.

White Trash

Another round of "Is This White Trash" Today's topics... Owning goldfish, going to free yoga classes and naming your kids after a character from movie or TV... Click here for the podcast

Not Going To This Concert

What band would you Not go see even if someone paid you? Click here for the podcast

First Date Menu

What foods should you not eat on a first date? Click here for the podcast

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