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Cal & Co. Mornings

Jul 29, 2015
Detroit 66.9˚F 3-day Forecast


Is This The Same Band???

Click here to hear when the band no longer the same band???

Come on In!!!

Pilot lets "ex-porn star" into the cock pit.

What’cha Doin’ At The Courthouse?

Click here to hear basic bitch Sarah Jean at the courthouse finding out what people were up to

Who Taught You About Sex???

The sources of the our Warrior's sex education will surprise here to hear who they are???

Don't Piss Off this Cop!!!

This cop is amazing!!!

Cal Is Going To The Warped Tour

Click here to hear Sarah Jean challenge Cal to the full Warped Tour experience

You've Finally Made It!!!

Click here to hear how to tell when somebody's made it???

Gotcha Bitch

Click here to hear Rusty prank another Warrior in the latest edition of "Gotcha Bitch"

Horrible Band Names

Click here to hear the original names from some of your favorite bands

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