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Aug 29, 2016
Detroit 71.2˚F 3-day Forecast


We challenged a Furry to come on and answer our questions.. And boy did he come through!

You have to listen to this Furry we had on.. He answers all of our questions.

We're talking the most recurring dreams.. The Warriors dreams definitely don't make the list!

Listen to us talk about the most recurring dreams.. The Warriors dreams are creepy as HELL

Was Cal caught in an embarrassing situation?

Listen to hear what Cal should do now after his embarrassing situation

In this White Trash we think someone might have gotten an STD

We decide whether things are white trash... and NO ONE is off limits!

This Dirty Little Secret got people really HEATED!!!

Listen here to see what made the Warriors so upset!

In this Gotcha Bitch Cal is planning someone's EPIC bachelor party!!

Listen to this Gotcha Bitch as Cal upsets someone's fiance for planning an EPIC bachelor party

What'cha Doin at the Courthouse!?!?

Jamie heads down to the courthouse to see what goes on down there

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