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Apr 01, 2015
Detroit 33.3˚F 3-day Forecast


Horrible Hotel Experiences

Click here to hear about Cal's weird experience at a hotel this weekend..have you had a weird or horrible experience at a hotel or even worst a motel???


Click here to hear about Jevo, the Keurig of Jello Shots. It's our newest must have item for the studio... it cranks out 20 Jello shots in just 10 minutes!!!

Sharing a Toothbrush

Click here to hear how Sarah Jean shares a toothbrush with her this you share a toothbrush with your partner???

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear us rate your dirty little secrets and Sarah Jean finds out what an Eskimo Brother is???

Stitches and Bilzerian

Click here to hear our favorite rapper Stitches team up with our favorite person Dan Bilzerian for an epic song

Get Hard!!!

"Get Hard" is in theaters this weekend! Can't wait to see it!

Enough with the Eyebrows!!!

Click here to hear us discuss what's the female equivalent of a guy's creepy mustache???

Meanest Man on the Internet!

He really does have a wasn't totally fake.

Pubic Lice

Click here to hear Rusty break the news to Jay Hud that his bachelor party might be ruined because of pubic lice

Dog Treats or Cookies???

Click here to hear Sarah Jean eats dog treats

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