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Oct 22, 2014
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Hard Nipples

Click here to hears us debate what's hot or not...and why is Rusty so jealous of Jon Hamm

Is it White Trash?

Click here to hear what is or is not white trash...and Sarah Jean does something disgusting with her dog

WTF happened?

Renne Zellweger is that you?


Click here to hear your calls on if a "bromance" can slip into the gay category? You'll be surprised at the warriors views on this one.

What Common Food Have You Never Had

Click here to hear your calls on what food you've never tried...Cal's is unbelievable considering millions of people order this everyday

Weirdest Pet

Click here to hear about the weirdest pet we've owned...Rusty has the weirdest pet ever but the warriors have some hilarious one's

What Do You Want To See In Your Lifetime

Click here to hear your calls on what would you like to see invented before you die, caller Dan has a great one for all those who hate to cook!!!

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear us rate your dirty little this edition is turning gay once a month during your girl's period no big deal, and is it ok to cheat on your girl with an escort? Sarah Jean goes off on one of these

Sarah's prayers have been answered!

Video of young Channing Tatum stripping!

Fighting a Co-Worker

Click here to find out if this listener should fight her co worker for a promotion or should we just send in Sarah Jean in full "bitch mode" to take care of this problem?

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