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Dec 22, 2014
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Sex Tips for Sarah Jean

Click here to hear Cal and Rusty help Sarah Jean out in the bedroom with some horrible sex tips from Cosmo...will Sarah Jean use any of them???

Skid Marks

Click here to hear what you should do if you find skid marks in your partners underwear while doing the wash...and what is the one big thing Sarah Jean has learned from Cal???

Get Hard

We plan on seeing this on its opening night!

Iphone 6 Winner!!!

Congratulations to Chad Hilliard! He won the new iPhone 6 loaded with music from Bring Me The Horizon. His friend ran over his old phone and ruined it. Now just in time for Christmas, this poor Oakland University college student can mend his friendship and let go of the anger because Chad finally has a shiny brand new iPhone 6.

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear the latest edition of dirty little secret, in this edition we rate how bad it is to be afraid of dating, having sex in public and being attracted to hairy women...and does pubic hair eventually stop growing???

What a Dumbass

Here is the video of the guys trying to put the slide back in, after today's Dumb Ass tried to use it to get off the plane quicker!

Sriracha Sauce

Click here to hear Cal take a shot of Sriracha sauce, his reaction is priceless

I Got A Problem

Click to here to hear if a listener should stay home New Year's Eve with her grieving mom or go out with friends and party...The Warriors had some great ideas

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear the lastest edition of dirty little this edition we rate how bad it is to sleep with your daughters fiancee, using your moms vibrator and watching porn because your husband can't get you off

Poop Emoji

The company that makes the Poop Mask that Justin Timberlake wore at T Swift's birthday saw a 315% increase!

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