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Jay Hudson

Nov 24, 2014
Detroit 37.9˚F 3-day Forecast


Lessons Learned

Click here to hear another round of lessons learned from this past weekend...find out how Sarah Jean knows she's still got it

Thanksgiving Boyfriend

This convicted felon will spend Thanksgiving w/ your family to freak them out. He just wants a free meal!

Dumb Ass

These high school girls were "accidentally" racist with black's because one of the girls forgot the gold face paint.

Should Cal Get A Dog

Click here to hear if Cal should buy a dog for his kids for Christmas and if so what breed should he get???

Home Alone

Click here to hear your calls on what was the dumbest thing you did while home alone...caller Woody shouldn't be left home alone ever again

Crappy Job

Click here to hear your calls on what was the worst thing you have ever had to do at work? The Warriors have had to do some disgusting things

Is it White Trash??

Click here to hear what is and is not white trash and why does Sarah have a pink Christmas???

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear the lastest edition, it's all about sleeping with a 60 year old man, sitting at the kids table for Thanksgiving and breaking up through a text message

Rusty Is In The NHL

Click here to hear if Rusty actually believes he's playing in the NHL

Say the Word Right!!!

Click here to hear your calls on what mispronounced words annoy you the most...Cal has a long list

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