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Sep 17, 2014
Detroit 49.3˚F 3-day Forecast


Having Nightmares

What movie "Boogeyman" fueled your nightmares as a kid??? Click here for the podcast

Blackmailing a Teacher

Should this listener blackmail his teacher into giving him better marks??? Click here for the podcast

Would you Rather

Its another round of would you rather...sticky hand here for the podcast

The full Mockingjay trailer!!

Starting braiding your hair. It's in theaters Nov 21st!

Too Early for Halloween???

Is it too early to start decorating for Halloween or Christmas??? Click here for the podcast

Dirty Little Secret - Faking an Orgasm

How big of a secret is it if your partner has faked every orgasm she's ever had??? Click here for the podcast

Signed Copy???

Wait who signed it???

Sarah Jeans' Birthday

We celebrated Princess Sarah Jean's 28th Birthday with a special guess...her mom!!! Click here for the podcast

Pubic Hair

Will pubic hair ever be trendy again??? Click here for the podcast

Sarah Jean in a Hockey Fight???

Sarah Jean recalls her year of playing hockey in a woman's league where she got beat up in a here for the podcast

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