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Mark McKenzie

Sep 28, 2016
Detroit 57.7˚F 3-day Forecast
  • Week 9/26
  • Chill on the Hill
  • Cal & Co. Podcast
  • Peoples Choice
  • 89 Minutes
  • Dope Show
  • Week 9/26

  • Chill on the Hill

  • Cal & Co. Podcast

  • Peoples Choice

  • 89 Minutes

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  • Dope Show

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In this White Trash we finally find out why Chris ? is 6000% White Trash!!!

Listen as we discuss and argue whether things are or aren't white trash!!!

Are we offended too easily... even when someone LIKES our social media posts??

Listen as the Warriors chime in to tell us if they get offended when certain people like their social media postings!!
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Bastille - "Good Grief"
Bastille - "Good Grief" Bastille - "Good Grief" What do you think of this song?
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