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Feb 27, 2015
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Cal & Co. Mornings

Cal & Co. Mornings

Cal & Co. Mornings

  • Weekday Mornings 5:30AM - 9:00AM
Cal &. Co has been on 89X since November 27, 2012 and consists of Cal Cagno, Rusty Thomson, Sarah Jean and Kyle Horner.
The show sounds just like what you and your friends sound like when you are hanging out.  They talk about anything and everything. 
The people that listen, and are a part of what we do, are called The Warriors.
The show is a judgment free zone; all are welcome, no gimmicks or hype… just a show that YOU can relate to because we are just like you but with deeper voices.

We are Cal & Co. and are glad you checked us out!
Florida…no time is a good time to ask why. (weekdays 7:05AM)
It’s the best news from the wackiest place on earth and the oddest state in the union. 
Hollywood X-Posed (weekdays 6:20AM)
Get the inside scoop on what’s going on in Hollywood and entertainment.
I Got a Problem (weekdays 8:05AM)
Cal & Co. and The Warriors solve listener issues with “I Got a Problem”. Submit yours by clicking HERE!
Is it White Trash? (Wednesdays 7:50AM)
Cal & Co. decide if it is or is not white trash…from their glass houses they apparently live in.
Why Women!?! (Tuesdays 7:50AM)
Cal and Rusty have no clue what makes women tick…but Sarah Jean knows and will tell you.
Dirty Little Secret! (Monday and Friday 7:50AM)
Get your dirty little secret off your chest…anonymously.   Submit yours by clicking HERE!

Show Personalities

New release from Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy released the video to their song Rat A Tat and it features the one and only Courtney Love.

Katherine Heigl got demoted

Katherine Heigl is doing Nyquil commercials there's that.

Andre Drummond gets put on blast by.....

iCarly star Jennette McCurdy disses Detroit Piston star Andre Drummond. She claims he was a terrible kisser and just goes on to bash him.

Another Marvel movie

All you Marvel fans, the world premiere of a new Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer made it's debut on Jimmy Kimmel.

Don't just stand there bust a move.

Jimmy Fallon new host to The Tonight Show busted out "the evolution of hip-hop dancing" for his debut on NBC and he does it with Will Smith.

TJ Oshie, you the man!

Here is the reaction from around different sports bars when TJ Oshie scored the winning goal for the US in hockey on Saturday! Get ready to tear up!

You can't sit together

A bitter single man has ruined Valentine's Day for movie loving couples in Shanghai by purposely buying every other seat at one of the city's cinemas to stop them from sitting next to each other.

A BIG f you from Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme blast Imagine Dragons and The Grammys at a recent show. (NSFW due to language, starts around 34 seconds)

You don't mix up Samuel L Jackson with somebody else and get away with it

KTLA News reporter gets Samuel L Jackson mixed up with Laurence Fishbourne and then Jackson owns this guy

Leno say's his final goodbye

Jay Leno had his last show yesterday on "The Tonight Show" here is his goodbye. Well done Jay, well done.
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