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Mark McKenzie

Oct 04, 2015
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Cal & Co. Mornings

Cal & Co. Mornings

Cal & Co. Mornings

  • Morning Show 6:00AM - 10:00AM
Cal &. Co has been on 89X since November 27, 2012 and consists of Cal Cagno, Sarah Jean and Producer Kyle Horner.
The show sounds just like what you and your friends sound like when you are hanging out.  They talk about anything and everything. 
The people that listen, and are a part of the show are called The Warriors.
All are welcome, no gimmicks or hype… just a show that YOU can relate to because we are just like you - but we don't have to put on clothes for work because we are on the radio!!

We are Cal & Co. and are glad you checked us out!

 Features on Cal & Co.

Florida…no time is a good time to ask why.
It’s the best news from the wackiest place on earth and the oddest state in the union. 
Hollywood X-Posed
Get the inside scoop on what’s going on in Hollywood and entertainment.
Tough Love with Siri
Siri will tell you what she really thinks because she doesn't have feelings and doesn't care about yours either!  Submit yours by clicking here!
Dirty Little Secret
Get your dirty little secret off your chest…anonymously.  Submit yours by clicking here!
Whatcha’ Doing at the Courthouse? 
Sarah Jean, the most basic bitch, goes to the courthouse to find out what people are up to.
Is it White Trash?
Cal & Co. decide if the things THEY do and YOU do are white trash or not…from their glass houses they apparently live in.
Gotcha  Bitch!
Next time you answer the phone it could be Cal & Co. calling to f*&K with you…
Straight Advice from a Gay Guy
Sexy Carl dishes out the sassiest advice to the Warriors.

Show Personalities

Dirty Little Secret

Click here to hear this dirty little secret all about bondage and watching your boyfriend cheat

Missing a Wedding

Click here to hear if missing a wedding makes you a douche bag???

Yankees Fan Epically Fails to Snag Foul Ball…Three Times

Today's Dumbass-this poor son of a bitch that couldn't catch a ball to save his front of his date.

Gotcha Bitch - Leo

Click here to hear Sarah Jean prank another Warrior in the latest edition of "Gotcha Bitch"

The Forgotten Panties!!!

Click here to hear about the left panties!!!


It's like watching a car accident...but yet we can't stop singing it.

Phone Pinching

The dudes of twenty one pilots have introduced the world to "Phone Pinching"! We're waaaay too chicken to try this!

Is It White Trash???

Click here to hear this weeks edition of "is it white trash"???

Favorite Emo Break Up Song

Click here to hear our favorite emo break up songs...get ready to feel!!!

10 Hot Autumn Sex Tips For The Ladies

Click here to hear Cal and Company's sex tips for the fall
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