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Cal & Co. Mornings

Aug 26, 2016
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Cal & Co. Mornings

Cal & Co. Mornings

Cal & Co. Mornings

  • Mornings 6:00AM - 10:00AM
Cal & Co. Mornings
Cal &. Co has been on 89X since 2012 and consists of Cal Cagno, Producer Chris ? and various guest hosts including band guys and girls, newspaper writers, WWE Wrestlers and even Mike Tyson.  
The rest of the company is  The Warriors who listen everyday and a part of the show!  Plus just because you read this, you are now a Warrior too whether you like it or not.  Sorry that’s just the rules!

Cal Cagno

Cal has been around since almost the beginning of 89X.  He knows a ton about music, a lot about sports and very little about the opposite sex.  If you want to talk…he’s ready to tell you his whole life story.  His wife Wendy is a saint for putting up with his many areas of neurosis and his son and daughter pray every day that he won’t embarrass them too much in public!

Chris ?

No one knows his last name and no one remembers why.  Chris is the resident stoner of the show and he hasn’t found a sport that he can't watch.  At all times Chris is wearing sweat pants and seems to live off coffee and weed…but not in that order!

Features on Cal & Co.

Florida…no time is a good time to ask why! 
It’s the best news from the wackiest place on earth and the oddest state in the union. 

(Weekdays 7:06am) 

Tough Love with Siri
Siri will tell you what she really thinks because she doesn't have feelings and doesn't care about yours either!  Submit yours by clicking here!

(Weekdays 6:15am, 7:15am, 8:15am, 9:15am)
Dirty Little Secret
Do YOU have a Dirty Little Secret!  Warriors submit them by clicking here then Cal & Co. judge them accordingly all the while filling in any back-story as they see fit!

(Weekdays 7:20am, 8:20am)

Whatcha’ Doing at the Courthouse? 
Our “it” girl Jamie heads to the courthouse to see what is going on with the people who are hanging around!

(Mondays 7:40am, Tuesdays 9:40am, Wednesdays 8:40am, Thursdays 6:40am)

Is it White Trash? 
Cal & Co. decide if the things THEY do and YOU do are white trash or not…from their glass houses they apparently live in.

(Wednesdays 8:50am) 

Gotcha Bitch!
Next time you answer the phone it could be Cal & Co. calling to f*&K with you…listen to hear us ruin someone’s day strictly for your entertainment

(Monday 6:40 & 8:00 Tuesday 7:50 & 8:40, Wednesdays 6:20 & 9:40, Thursdays 7:40 & 8:50, Fridays 6:40 & 9:20)

Straight Advice from a Gay Guy
His advice is straight, but he is absolutely not! Sexy Carl dishes out the sassiest relationship advice to the Warriors.  Got a question?  Email us HERE

(Thursdays 8:40)

Show Personalities

Was Cal caught in an embarrassing situation?

Listen to hear what Cal should do now after his embarrassing situation

In this White Trash we think someone might have gotten an STD

We decide whether things are white trash... and NO ONE is off limits!

This Dirty Little Secret got people really HEATED!!!

Listen here to see what made the Warriors so upset!

In this Gotcha Bitch Cal is planning someone's EPIC bachelor party!!

Listen to this Gotcha Bitch as Cal upsets someone's fiance for planning an EPIC bachelor party

What'cha Doin at the Courthouse!?!?

Jamie heads down to the courthouse to see what goes on down there

Nothing like having four pot brownies and thinking you're going to die!

Nothing like having four pot brownies and thinking you're going to die!

Cal tells his story about getting stuck in the elevator…but these callers have way worse stories!

Cal tells his story about getting stuck in the elevator…but these callers have way worse stories!
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