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Jul 24, 2014
Detroit 70.0˚F 3-day Forecast
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Cal & Co Podcast for July 24th

Listen as Cal and Co talk about deserving to get beat up if you rob a store, Britney Spears lingerie line, climax songs, am I really this fat, too fat for prison, manscaping, creepiest underwear ever, 5 Seconds of Fury, finding out who your real dad is, Kyle won't get rid of Facebook pics with his ex in them, and buried alive at the beach. Click here for the podcast

This is Creepy

Anatomically correct, but SO creepy!

Britney Spears is making a lingerie line. WHY?????

Britney Spears wants you to wear her underwear
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  • Make sure to follow Cal & Co. on Twitter at @calandco for their weekly Tweets For Seats contest! Read More
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KONGOS – “I’m Only Joking”
KONGOS – “I’m Only Joking” KONGOS – “I’m Only Joking” What do you think of this song?
  • 89X Presents Panic! At The Disco on July 27 at Meadow Brook Music Festival! Read More
  • 89X Presents Jack White at The Fox Theatre! Read More
  • 89X Presents Jack White at The Masonic Temple Theatre! Read More
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  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pure Michigan 400! Read More
  • Join the X-Team at MJR Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16 (on the corner of Maple & Livernois)
    August 2nd from 6-8pm!
    It’s opening weekend of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy!
    The X-Team will be giving out FREE pop and popcorn tickets every 15 minutes!
    The Large Screen Format has been taken to a whole-new-level with the MJR Epic Experience.  The seats, sound, screen and projection are all state-of-the-art, to offer an experience that can only be described as EPIC. 
    Take your drinks from the bar into any theatre! Read More
  • Join Rusty Thomson at Joe's Prime Time Pub July 25th for your LAST shot to win your way on to the Cal & Co. bus to Lollapalooza! Read More
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